Knotted Braid into Ponytail Tutorial

Knotted Braid into Ponytail Tutorial
This simple but elegant tutorial shows you how to do an amazing knotted braid into a ponytail! Just follow the step below!

1. Start with wet or damp hair. This will keep the knots from tangling the hair and will also make the knots easier as you add more hair. Keep a spray bottle on hand to re-wet the hair if necessary.

2. Part the hair (I did a side part) and take a small section from the front.

3. Split this section into two small pieces.

4. To create the knot, take the top strand and lay it over the bottom creating a “4” shape. Pull the end of the top strand (that you just folded over) through the space created in the 4. Tighten the knot.

5. Add a horizontal section of hair to each strand that you just knotted.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, keeping the knots close to the head and angling the braid towards where you will secure the ponytail.

7. Once you have created enough knots to reach the ponytail, secure the knotted braid with a ponytail.

8. Gather all the hair and the knotted braid and secure in a ponytail.

9. Remove the elastic that was holding the knotted braid so that the only elastic is the one holding the ponytail.

10. Smooth any bumps or loops and spray with hairspray if you so desire.

finished knotted braid into ponytail
Closeup of of the final shot. Look how pretty and creative this hairstyle is!