Which Hairbrush is Right For You?

Which Hair Brush is Right for You
Choosing the right brush for your hair type is very important when determining the type of style you want to go with for the day.

There are more benefits to brushing than just styling your hair. Brushing massages the scalp and cleans follicles from dirt and grime. Brushing also helps to stimulate oil producing glands that keep your hair looking healthy, shiny and easier to manage.

Below we have listed a few brush types you should add to your collection and what they are used for.

Paddle Brush – Almost every girl with long hair owns this brush. Used on most hair types this square shaped paddle brush with natural boar bristles is ideal for blowouts, and used for straightening medium to long hair. Used for increasing volume of fine hair and making your locks look smooth and shiny. Works on both dry and wet hair, and removing knots.

Round Brushes – For when you are blow drying your hair, can also straighten or curl depending on your hair length.

Teasing Brushes – Great for separation, backcombing, and finishing hairstyles. Works to give thin and flat hair more volume.

Wide Tooth Comb – Not a brush, but great for detangling knots and to be used on wet hair. Your hair is brittle after you have showered and using a brush can cause damage to the follicles. This is where a wide tooth comb comes in handy.

Rat Tail Comb – Also not a brush, but used to section the hair and creating a part. Used by stylists and hair enthusiasts alike.