Triple Buns Updo Tutorial

Triple Buns Updo Tutorial
Stunning triple buns updo tutorial created exclusively by @mybraidposts for Hairstyles How To. This look would be great for a wedding or flower girl hairstyle.

1. Start with the hair down and section off the hair above the crown (about 1/3 of the hair).

2. Twist this hair tightly counterclockwise.

3. Wrap the twisted hair counterclockwise into a bun. I have found that my preferred method is twisting the hair up into a bun and securing it with an elastic, then pinning the bun with a Spin Pin so it lays closer to the head. This is your personal preference but it looks best if pinned in some way so that it is close to the head.

4. Part another section of roughly a third of the hair, but leave out a section by the ears, we will use this hair later.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with this section of hair.

6. Section off a third section, still leaving out the hair by the ears, and make the third bun using steps 2 and 3.

7. Using the remaining hair by the ears, sweep each section over the top bun so that any part lines are concealed. Secure with a bobby pin.

8. Spray down any flyaways with hairspray.