Top 4 Essential Oils for Hair

These are the top 4 essential oils for your hair and how they benefit you.

Coconut Oil

Helps reduce hair loss & hair fall.

Strengthens your hair follicles

Keeps your hair feeling soft & looking shiny

Castor Oil

Thickens thinning hair

Increases healthy hair growth

Prevents damage from chemicals or products by coating the hair.

Makes your hair look and feel fuller

Olive Oil

The vitamins & nutrients in avocados promote growth when applied to hair or eaten.

Improves hair elasticity so it does not break as easily.

Anti-bacterial properties help to protect your scalp from infection.

Penetrating, works well as a deep conditioner when combined with honey.

Avocado Oil

Moisturizes the scalp to avoid flakiness & get rid of dandruff.

Locks in moisture to prevent your hair from drying out.

Restores damaged hair from chemical use or the UV-rays from the Sun.

Strengthen brittle hair by providing you with protein & other nutrients.