Starburst Swirl Princess Bun Tutorial

Starburst Swirl Princess Bun Tutorial
This beautiful look created exclusively for Hairstyles How To by @mybraidposts is called the Starburst Swirl Princess Bun and would be a perfect style for homecoming or prom!

How to recreate this look:

1. Part hair in a circle in the center of the head leaving about 2.5 inches of hair around the part.

2. Secure the hair in the circular part with a ponytail holder.

3. Beginning on the left ear, start a dutch braid towards the other ear. This can be a lace braid (not pictured) to hide the part lines better, or you can add hair from both sides for a more secure braid.

4. Continue the dutch braid around the part, only adding the hair around the ponytail not in the ponytail.

5. Once you reach the left ear again (with no hair left to add from the outside), place a sock bun or a bun maker over the ponytail.

6. Fan the hair around the bun maker so that it is evenly distributed.

7. Continue your dutch braid adding hair to the side of the braid away from your forehead using the hair in the ponytail, pulling it tight over the bun maker.

8. Keep adding hair to the dutch braid and circle the braid around the entire bun maker.

9. When there is no hair left to add from the ponytail, continue the braid down in a regular 3 strand braid.

10. Secure the braid with a small elastic.

11. Wrap the braid around the bun and secure it with hair pins.
starburst swirl princess bun