The Secret to Frizz Free Hair

The Secret To Frizz Free Hair

Photo Via: bikeriderlondon / ShutterStock

The Secret To Frizz Free Hair is so simple and we are going to share a couple tips with you.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair, Comb to Detangle
Don’t brush your hair after you have showered as the follicles are weak and this can cause breakage. Instead try using a comb to detangle knots.

Use A Cotton Shirt to Air Dry Hair
Using a towel on your hair after you shower can cause more damage than you’d think.

That’s right, using a towel while your hair is wet can actually weaken the hair causing split ends. Prevent from breakage by drying your hair using a cotton shirt and allowing it to air dry.

Wrap your hair in the cotton shirt to absorb the moisture from your hair without causing frizz.