How To Repair Breakages At-Home

How To Repair Breakages At-Home
How To Repair Breakages At-Home using these few tips that we put together!

Egg Yolk Almond Oil Treatment

Combine 2 tbsp. almond oil with 1 egg yolk. Mix together using a fork. Apply to hair mostly on the ends, avoiding the scalp. After 10 minutes, rinse with cool water then shampoo hair once to remove any remaining mixture. Repeat once a month.

Always Use Heat Protectant

Spray onto your hair before styling, try to focus on the ends as that is where breakage and split ends occurs the most. Let dry for 5 minutes before straightening.

Put Mayonnaise on Your Ends

Put mayonnaise on the ends of your hair when taking a shower so you don’t get any shampoo or conditioner in it. This helps to prevent from breakage and the splitting of the ends of the hair.

Vitamin E & Shampoo Treatment

A really simple way to protect from breakage is to break open 2-3 vitamin E capsules & mix into your shampoo when you was your hair. Can be done once a week every other week.