Loop Waterfall BRaid

Loop waterfall braid from @ffashionails. This look is quite difficult to pull off, but looks great if you do! source

Pancaked Dutch Braid

Pancaked Dutch braid from hairandnailsinspiration that looks so pretty with the snow in the background. source

How To Naturally Darken Hair

Dying your hair can be a fun and simple way to change up your look. Unfortunately, repeated use of chemicals and certain hair products…

Viking Braid

Side braid into a ponytail from @chiara_braids. Also know as the viking braid. source

No Heat Headband Curls

How to get curls without using heat or any products from @steephshairstyles. What you’ll need for this look is a stretchy headband. Step 1….

Messy Bun Tutorial

Simple messy bun tutorial that literally only takes 30 seconds to do. 1. First put your hair in a high ponytail. 2. Put the…

5 Lovely Braided Hairstyles

We picked out 5 beautiful braided styles that would be perfect for everyday use or any formal event. Braids are really pretty easy to…