How To Make Dry Shampoo

How to Make Dry Shampoo for Light & Dark Hair
Two recipes on how to make a dry shampoo for both light and dark hair colors.

Skip the shower! Keep your hair clean, add volume and absorb oil using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

How to Make Dry Shampoo for Light & Dark Hair

For Brown Hair:
2 tbsp. Cocoa Powder
1 tbsp. Cornstarch
1 tsp. Nutmeg
1 tsp. Cinnamon
2 drops Lavender Essential Oil

For Blonde Hair:
2 tbsp. Cornstarch
1 tbsp. Arrowroot Powder
3 drops Lavender Essential Oil

In a small bowl, mix together the ingredients according to your hair color.

Take a clean, empty spice container and fill it up with the ingredients you are using.

Place the cap on and give it a light shake. Then share the powder onto your hair, starting at the scalp.

Use your fingers to evenly work the powder through you hair. Use a brush to brush the powder out of your hair