Dutch Braid into Ponytail Tutorial

Dutch Braid into Ponytail Tutorial
Step 1). Start with hair down and styled as you prefer (I chose straight for a longer, sleeker ponytail, but this would look great with curly or wavy hair as well)

Step 2). Part a section from the front temples to the back of the crown.

Step 3). Separate your section into 3 sections.

Step 4). Begin by crossing the leftmost strand UNDER the middle strand, then cross the rightmost strand under the NEW middle strand.

Step 5). Continue step 4 down the back of the head, but after the first “stitch” begin to add sections of hair to the braid. I prefer to add hair by parting small sections from the hairline all the way to the back of the braid and adding them in (a long, horizontal section).

Step 6). When you run out of hair to add into the braid, continue the braid down for a few stitches without adding hair.

Step 7). Secure the hair where you last added in hair (above the nape of the neck most likely).

Step 8). Brush out the ponytail.