Castor Oil for Beautiful Hair

Castor Oil for Beautiful Hair
Castor oil is a well known beauty secret that has been used in hair and remedies for decades.

Below are a few of the benefits castor oil has when used on your hair and scalp.

Moisturizes Your Hair – The fatty acids in the castor oil help to replenish and keep your hair hydrated.

Strengthens – Castor oil is also know to strengthen hair follicles leaving it less likely to get damaged and cause breakage.

Promotes Hair Growth – Massage a small amount of castor oil through your hair once a day and watch your hair grow faster in just a few weeks.

Thicken & Darkens – Just applying a small amount of castor oil in your hair 1-2 a week is a great way to keep your locks strong and bring out the natural highlights in your hair.

Seals & Protects – Castor oil also helps to seal in moisture and protect your hair from the suns harmful UV rays and use from chemical filled products.

These are jut a few of the many benefits this magical oil has on your hair. Castor oil is a great item to add to your beauty bag and can be found at most stores for under $10.