Bow Bun Hair Tutorial

Bow Bun Hair Tutorial
Cute way to add a girly touch to your bun by making a small bow using a strand of hair.

1. Start with hair in a high, tight ponytail.

2. Separate a two inch section from the ponytail and secure it with a clip or ponytail.

3. Not including the two inch section, put a bun maker around the ponytail.

4. Fan the hair over the bun maker and slide a hair tie over it..

5. Starting at the base of the bun, start twisting the excess hair up and around the bun, adding the hair around the bun as you twist.

6. Continue twisting until the only hair not twisted around the bun is the two inch section you previously secured.

7. Wrap the twist around the bun and secure with hair pins.

8. Take the two inch section and twist a small elastic around the base.

9. Pull the section through the elastic (but not all the way) to form a small loop.

10. Twist the elastic and pull the hair through again to form a second loop.

11. Take the leftover hair from the loops and pin it between the two loops to form the center of the “bow”.

12. Using small bobby pins or hairspray, adjust the loops and the bun to your liking.

This hairstyle was created exclusively for Hairstyles How To by @mybraidposts.