6 Tips for Growing Long Beautiful Hair

6 Tips for Growing Long Beautiful Hair
6 Simple Tips for Growing Beautiful Long Healthy Hair

Avoid Using Heat – Don’t dry your hair using a blow dryer or towel. To prevent less damage, try wrapping your hair with a cotton shirt and allowing it to air dry. This method absorbs the water from the follicles, preventing your hair from becoming frizzy.

Keep it Loose – Avoid tightly braiding and tying your hair.. If you are using a hair elastic or putting your hair in a braid, you’ll want to remember, the looser the better. Tying your hair tightly causes strain on the follicles which over time damages the hair causing split ends.

Use Care When Drying – When your hair is wet, it’s very weak and pulling and rubbing on it will damage the the follicles and you will wind up with frizzy and unkempt looking hair, Be gentle, don’t brush to straighten but and use a wide tooth comb to detangle knots.

Eat Right, Take Vitamins, Stay Hydrated – What you eat and the foods you put in your body has a big effect on your hair. Taking a vitamin supplement such as Biotin once a day is a great way to keep your hair, skin, nails and scalp healthy without having to change your diet. Remember, a healthy body means a healthy scalp and that means beautiful hair. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. A great way to replenish your body is to drink a glass of water at least once every six hours.

Avoid Use Chemicals, Go Natural – All those shampoos, dyes, and other store bought hair products contain chemicals that you shouldn’t be putting on your hair. Overtime, long term use will cause your hair to become brittle, looking dry and dull.

Keep A Clean Scalp – A healthy scalp, means beautiful hair, so try a natural diy mask to rid the scalp of impurities and product buildup, Then rinse with an ACV hair mix to wash away the dirt and leave your hair looking shiny and feeling soft.