4 Strand Waterfall Braid Tutorial

4 strand waterfall braid tutorial
This tutorial we’ll show you how to do a beautiful 4 Strand Waterfall Braid. This is a lovely and intricate hairstyle, that is quite difficult to master, but with our easy step-by-step pictures and instructions you’ll be recreating this look in no time!

4 Strand Waterfall Braid Tutorial
1. Part a medium section of hair from the hair at the part line and split it into 4 strands.

2. Cross the top strand of hair under the second from the top.

3. Cross the same strand (that you just crossed under) over the strand that was originally 3rd from the top.

4. Cross the bottom strand over your original top strand and then under the next strand.

5. Re-label your four strands as top, second, third, and bottom and repeat steps 2 and 3 except adding hair to the top strand when you cross it under (like a dutch braid).

6. Drop the bottom strand and pick up hair that has not been incorporated into the braid and make a new bottom section. and cross it over the third and under the second.

7. Repeat steps 2,3, 5, and 6 (top goes under then over, drop, pick up new hair, new hair goes over then under, add hair to top and repeat.)

8. When you have waterfalled the hair as far as you desire, finish it in either a three or four strand braid.

9. Picking up a section of the top hair and moving it out of the way, secure the braid under the hair so that the end is not visible.

We would like to give a great, big thank you to @mybraidposts for creating this lovely style!